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That’s the number of fans artists have reached through Musicfox to date. Our apps and financial algorithms give artists superpowers.

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Get expert industry advice. Know what move to make next. Grow your audience. Musicfox b00st apps enhance artist value for any budget, release, or fan base.

B00ST apps help artists succeed. Musicfox tames uncertainty and helps artists generate consumption

  • Social media choices for users to sign up. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. With Musicfox.Select Channels
  • Easy to add funds to your ad account.Set Budget
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An automated online promotion engine by Musicfox

Artists who B00ST

Musicfox B00ST clients grow, strengthen, and broaden their fan bases.

A few of the artists we support

Tatiana Hazel
Stereo Jane

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Cost-effective value that is unmatched industry-wide.

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We use statistics, quantitative finance, and software engineering to build machines -- apps, robots, and data lakes -- that make our artists' lives better, all the while opening up a completely new avenue in which backers of music may participate.


Create, fund, and dream with Musicfox, knowing that what we work on together is expertly crafted, planned, and executed for constructive success.


Valuation, time-series, and consumption modeling are tasked with making optimal decisions for artists.


Musicfox apps, services, and project financing deals are all-inclusive and turn-key. You know what you get with Musicfox, everytime.